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"New York Recruitment Agencies"

Pictured above: some of KAS Placement’s New York recruitment professionals. 

New York Recruitment Agencies

When you work with the right New York recruitment agency, your job search as an applicant or hiring ambitions as a recruitment entity is nothing short of seamless.
Since starting our NYC employment agency, KAS Placement has brought a seemingly low turnover rate, intelligent recruiters, highly comprehensive search efforts and client and unmatched job seeker dedication.

Job Seekers Looking for Recruitment Help

Seeking a new career as a job seeker?  Working with reputable NYC headhunters can significantly widen your search efforts and bring you together with some of the top employers in sales and marketing.
As the New York job market increases, KAS Placement has the luxury of additional openings providing a myriad of possibilities to forward your career.
Our recruitment agency works with applicants of all levels ranging from director to entry-level for clients from all over the world.
Our passion for placing applicants in the right job, has earned our recruiting team unparalleled recognition in the New York (NYC) recruitment field and our continuing dedication has led us to be an authority in the staffing field.

NYC Recruitment Efforts Geared Towards Employer Success

Many New York based organizations lack the time and resources to do staffing internally.
Not only do our NYC sales recruiters save time, we provide access to recruitment solutions that aim to place better, more efficient employees in a timely, accurate manner.
As an employer seeking to hire top sales and marketing talent, come see how our employment agency can assist even the most complex hiring needs more efficiently than other New York recruitment agencies.


Started in 2005, KAS Placement has successfully assisted employers and job applicants in over 100 industries reach their recruitment goals.  See the difference that competent, dedicated headhunting professionals bring to your staffing goals.

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