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Denver Sales Recruitment"sales headhunter, recruiting expert"

What if your sales recruitment professionals brought more to the table rather than throwing resumes hoping something hits?

For the past 10 years, the Denver sales recruitment team at KAS Placement has brought a different recruiting dimension to staffing.

By focusing solely on sales, sales management and marketing recruitment, our headhunters bring over a decade of in-depth sales, marketing and job market knowledge.

Job Seeker Benefits

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If you’re looking for a sales, sales management or marketing job in Denver or anywhere else in the U.S., the recruitment professionals at KAS Placement provide the following:

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Regardless the level of job applicant whom we’re working with, all job seekers that work with KAS have access to top Denver staffing professionals who through hard work, vast connections and extensive experience, can make the job search easier for any professional.

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[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#028bc6″]Multifaceted Sales and Marketing Recruiting[/list]

KAS Placement recruits for all types of sales and marketing jobs including: inside sales recruitment, outside sales, account management, business development, sales management, social media, digital media, product marketing and much more.

On a consistent basis, our Denver sales recruitment company has open sales jobs as well as marketing positions for organizations in a myriad of industries for all different levels of job seekers.

Employer Recruitment Benefits

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[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#028bc6″]What You See is Our Expertise[/list]

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Since starting our recruitment agency, all sales and marketing is done by the same headhunters who will be working on your account.

To ensure that our staffing professionals are more knowledgeable than other recruitment firms, just about all marketing has been done in-house.

This includes website: writing, programming, design and online marketing. Additionally, all PR and sales is done by the same division handling your account.

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"sales recruitment"

While other recruitment agencies in Denver may claim expertise, KAS Placement has the accolades and visuals to prove that our head hunters know what we’re doing.

Sales Recruitment Philosophy

As a recruitment agency, we take on all sizes of clients. Some of the firms which we work with are large, well-known companies while others are start-ups seeking to gain name recognition.

Rather than the amount of revenue and predicted future hiring of a potential client, our Denver sales recruitment team, prior to taking on a client looks at factors including, but not limited to:

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[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#028bc6″]Internal Leadership[/list]

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[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#028bc6″]Commitment to Recruiting Superior Talent[/list]

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[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#028bc6″]Competitive Pay and Benefits[/list]

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