International Apparel Company Seeks Sales Managers

International Apparel Company Seeks Sales Managers 2016-07-02T09:39:31-04:00

KAS Sales Manager Jobs

The sales management recruiters at KAS Placement are currently recruiting several sales leadership positions for a publicly-traded, highly established apparel brand.

For over 30 years, this organization continually has redefined athletic wear.

These positions are located in Chicago, Indianapolis, Washington DC or Baltimore, New York, Houston, Phoenix and San Francisco.

Sales Manager Responsibilities

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Set organizational goals. Additionally, be vocal about those visions and desired achievements.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Create an environment that fosters great ideas.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Formulate a culture that gives employees a voice and welcomes collaboration amongst the team. [/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Set overarching goals that are detailed and clear, but not overly rigid to the point where no new ideas are generated.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Help sales team convert long leads into short-term prospects.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Make sure the representatives learn from their failures instead of scolding them.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Improve upon current sales processes and ensure there is fresh thinking amongst the team.[/list]

Learn More About the Job

To learn more, kindly email your resume to our sales headhunters.  Please reference job id# 6734.  Our sales recruiters look forward to hearing from you!

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