Inside Sales Job for Online Education Leader

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Inside Sales Job for Online Education Leader

The following online education sales job is for a global leader in higher-education services. The ideal sales job applicant will have a passion for education, will possess robust creativity and unparalleled resiliency.

Moreover, they will enjoy assisting students and universities in furthering their education capacities.  While the client of our headhunters is based in New York City, the following sales job can be virtual.

About the Company

The hours, learning preferences and location of the everyday college student have changed dramatically. The client of our sales and marketing recruiters is a leading online tutoring service connecting college students with expert tutors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Essentially, their mission is to connect students with the expert help they need anytime and anywhere.  This is regardless of location, academic standing or field of study.

Currently, they partner with thousands of higher academic institutions around the country. However, they are seeking to expand their presence via recruiting an online education inside sales professional.

About the Product

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Ensures that students remain enrolled and have every resource available to them in order to succeed academically.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Drives revenue for campus through their reseller program.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Increases graduation rates.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Enhances school standings for prospective students and parents.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]More effective than traditional pier to pier tutoring.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000”]Ability to educate for the most complex topics, they’ve recruited some of the top Ph.D’s and Ivy League teachers. [/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Assists struggling students who require additional help either off-hours or from remote locations. [/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Accommodate even the most robust tutoring needs.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Make outbound calls to prospects to generate appointments and new sales opportunities[/list]
[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Call and email prospects to follow-up on website leads, email campaigns or trade show meetings[/list]
[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Educate prospects on our recruitment client’s capabilities and benefits[/list]
[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Develop targeted calling efforts[/list]
[list icon=”moon-arrow-right-11″ color=”#000000″]Research primary contacts and key decision-makers, while providing regular updates to contact database[/list]

Learn More About the Job

In order to apply for the online education inside sales job, kindly email your resume to our headhunters. Please reference online education sales job #89113.

Our marketing and sales recruiters look forward to hearing from you!

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