Marketing Recruitment

Marketing Recruitment Services

Since 2005, KAS Placement has been providing marketing recruitment services for companies of all sizes, from over 30 countries and 100 different industries.

Marketing Recruiters

Increasing lead conversion and brand expansion begins with strategic marketing recruitment.  As a matter of fact, the public’s perception of a product or service is as important as its efficacy.

We take meticulous care in designing the marketing recruiting strategy that suits your needs.  KAS Placement’s hires consistently outperform applicants found through social media, employee referrals or alternate staffing agencies.

The same approach has proven highly beneficial to job seekers drastically increasing success rates at new positions.  KAS has always put a strong importance on establishing long-standing relationships with today’s top minds in social media, content, brand, SEO, SEM, affiliate, digital marketing, influencer and more.

Expand Your Recruitment Reach

As a team, we can create a recruitment process designed to get the results you want.  With KAS Placement, you are able to leverage an expansive candidate pool, expert recruiters and a refined process which ensures faster delivery of high quality applicants.

  • Recruit top marketing candidates from over 100 sectors
  • Vast applicant networks
  • Work with dedicated recruitment experts to optimize speed and accuracy.
  • All candidates are prescreened by expert marketing recruiters
  • Every candidate submitted includes detailed analysis and metrics
  • Our recruiters provide job goals and performance expectations to applicants
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Specialized Marketing Recruitment Teams

Companies from all over the globe, of all sizes and in over 100 industries look to KAS Placement when recruiting top marketing employees in digital, brand, SEO, affiliate marketing and more.

Proceeding with a Career Change

Partner with expert recruiters.  Working closely with our applicants is a policy that we have maintained for the past 12 years.   It’s important to us to ensure that job seekers know their career options, are being offered at or above market pay and receive the service level that clients are accustomed to.

Marketing job seekers are just as important to our recruiting firms’  success as our clients.  With thoroughness and knowledge we pair dedicated employees with some of the most reputable, well-known brands.


The marketing recruiters at KAS Placement help a leading automotive brand add horsepower to their digital marketing personnel.