Pictured above, CEO Ken Sundheim as well as Senior Recruiter Gracie Maldonado.

CEO Ken Sundheim's articles have been published over 300x on, among others Forbes, WSJ, NYTimes and USA Today.

KAS Placement Recruitment

New York Executive Recruiters

Since 2005 the NYC executive recruiters at KAS Placement have been a leader in the recruitment of business development, sales management, marketing and media job seekers throughout the greater New York and New Jersey area.

With an unmatched ability to produce results for both the job seekers whom our NYC executive headhunters work with and our clientele, the executive recruiters at KAS Placement, among other awards and notations, were named a finalist to be on Forbes' America's Most Promising Companies.

Less Diversification = More Expertise

Instead of over-diversifying our executive recruiting efforts, our NYC staffing and recruiting team keeps to three strict disciplines: recruiting for business development, marketing and media positions.

Since 2005, KAS Placement has solidified itself as a top New York executive recruiting firm, helping clients in nearly 100 different industries remain competitive in their respective fields via hiring the best talent on the market - talent that other NYC recruiting firms cannot find.

Using an Executive Recruiter

The executive recruiters at KAS firmly understand that it is imperative to not only consider the needs of our clients. Our recruiters must also consider the needs of the job seekers whom our executive recruiting team works with.

Without ambitious job seekers who are looking to make a difference within the organization that our executive recruiters place them in, we would not have as many satisfied clients as our headhunters do.

Instead of relying simply on a network which may or may not be dilapidated, our NYC executive recruiters will actively go out and find the top sales, marketing and media talent in the New York / New Jersey area.

In conjunction with this, our executive recruiting team is frequently mentioned, syndicated or published in major media, thus giving us a longer recruitment reach than any other NYC corporate recruiting firm in our space.

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Whether you are a job seeker looking to move careers or you are an employer seeking an executive recruiter in NYC for your next hiring project, the NYC executive recruiting team at KAS Placement is here to help.

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