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Sales Recruiting

We consistently recruit winning sales employees who provide a significantly more robust return on investment when compared to co-workers who were employed via a different avenue.

In 2015, KAS Placement helped over 425 job seekers find a new position.  From the numbers (as well as on-going client feedback) the job seekers whom we placed exceeded both our expectations as well as their new employer’s.

In companies with sales teams exceeding 100 people, our recruitment team had a strikingly high success rate.

By the end of their first year, on average 88% of the KAS referred job seekers end up in the top 10% in sales in their division or the entire company.

By the end of the second year, over 92% of KAS Placement referred candidates were in the top 10%.

Recruiting Views and Services

From Fashion to Finance

Recruiting business development and sales representatives is our core business structure.  Mainly, our clients stay with us because KAS possess recruitment experts with experience in various industries which greatly enhances the quality of candidates our employers receive.

During the sales recruitment process, our headhunters do everything possible to ensure our job seekers or employers have access to knowledgeable, hard working recruiting specialists.

Ranging from oil and gas to cloud computing, over the years we’ve amassed a comprehensive, global client base that spans 8 dozen industries.  Also, our sales recruitment professionals possess the expertise, insight and candidate network to propel your sales recruitment initiatives.

Recruiting Views and Services

Great sales recruiting firms drive revenue.  Whether it be sales or sales management staffing, the executive team at KAS Placement has comprehensive sales executive search methods aimed at quickly and accurately completing all staffing jobs.

Since inception, we have been assisting job seekers and employers with all types of business development recruiting ranging from the following areas.

Our primary focus is providing sales recruitment services and it’s what we’re best at.  For our ability to continually reach complex recruiting parties, our sales recruiting agency has been more heavily recognized than any other recruitment company in our space.

An Expertise that Covers the Recruiting Gamut

  • Channel Sales
  • Entry-level Sales Recruiting
  • Sales Management Recruitment
  • VP of Sales Recruiting
  • Director of Sales Recruiting
  • Sales Training Specialist
  • Sales Support Specialist
  • Lead Generation
  • Account Management
  • New Business Development
  • Outside Sales
  • Inside Sales