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Employer Information

When top companies need competent recruiting solutions that others can’t finish, they come to KAS Placement.

We do sales and marketing recruiting and our effectiveness within these areas is nothing short of unparalleled.

Regardless of this niche, our firm has grown nearly 32% over the past 3 fiscal years. We can statistically prove that our job seeker extended network is over 3.1 million candidates.

For a decade now, success and client focus has been engrained in our culture. Clients appreciate the heightened knowledge our recruiters bring.

We make the process easy, pleasant and take every bit of talent we have to make sure that you firm recruits better sales (sales management, VP sales), account management and marketing personnel than those companies vying for the same business.

To learn more how we can tailor a sales or marketing recruiting solution for your organization, kindly refer to our contact a KAS recruiter page (quickest response method) or call 866.212.5140.

Lightning Fast Nationwide Recruiting

For the past 12 years, our recruiters have built an exclusive network of some of the most sought after employees in over 50 U.S. metropolitan areas.  As a matter of fact, our recruitment infrastructure is able to provide you with the fastest, most accurate way to recruit top sales and marketing talent.