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Finalist 2014, 2015

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“16 Traits the Best Employees Share”

“4 Behaviors High Performers Have in Common”

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“Why Yesterday’s Sales Strategies Are Obsolete”

“Is Recruiting Sales Employees from the Competition a Good Idea?”

“The Mentality of Effective Interviewing”

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2014, 2015

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“A Guide to Recruitment Firms”

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Notable Consulting: Various Government Agencies, Google’s Double Click Division (New York HQ)

Lectures: Columbia University, New York University, Pace University, Baruch College, UCLA, Syracuse University, Loyola University

Television: Fox Business News, MTV, CNN, Bloomberg TV

Industries Served: Industrial Goods, Technology, Construction, Healthcare, Travel, Transportation, Services (Retail Discount & Variety), Automotive, Industrial, Commodities, Telecommunications, Fitness, Financial Services, Basic Materials, Agriculture, Food & Beverage

Notable Clients: Google’s Double Click Division, Travelocity, HSBC, T-Mobile, Lindt Chocolate, John Deere, British Telecom, IBM, GE, Monsanto, ConAgra Foods

Specialty: Sales, Sales Management and Marketing Recruitment